A PERSONAL MANIFESTo : aka, a glimpse into what I'm about right now.

I don't need more.
More ideas, more stuff, more inspiration.
I can create with less.

I believe I have everything I need.
I can make beautiful, meaningful things with what I already own.

I believe in creating projects that feed my creative desires.
Even if it’s not what everyone else is doing.

I believe in deliberate, intentional making and spending.
Even if it’s not popular on Instagram.

I believe in telling the stories that are most important to me.
Because I know I can’t tell every story.
Or scrapbook every photo.

Because I crave more. And less.
More connection, more clarity, more margin, more calm.
Less noise, less pressure, fewer distractions, less stuff.

I am letting go of the guilt.
I am reminding myself that I am doing my best.
And I know you are too.

I am committed to ending the overwhelm and creating projects that I am obsessed with. 

I am committed to mindful consumption - via social media, the news, the spending, the constant chatter from every direction.
I want my attention back.
I have a choice. And I choose less.

I am committed to spending more time listening to myself than others. 
To getting quiet and tuning in to my head, my heart, my gut.
To being open and leaning in to what I really need.

I am committed to living my life first.
My best life.
Then documenting it.