Five for Friday : Things That Are Lifting My Spirits Right Now

Five for Friday : Things That Are Lifting My Spirits Right Now

These dreary winter days have really taken a toll on my mood (but man, has the sun been helpful this week. Thank you, Sun!) This season, I’ve become really mindful of what lifts me up and what brings me down. Especially if it's within my control. The basics, naturally, are essential to me - getting 8 hours of sleep, eating well, drinking lots of water - but there are a few other things I've noticed I'm attracted to that not only boost my senses, but really lift my feel-good-vibes a little higher.

Here is a little list of 5 things I’ve been incorporating into my days that lift my spirits :

  1. Minimalist Baker Matcha Latte. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love how it tastes. I hate how it makes me feel. Even decaf, so it’s not the caffeine. Once the temperatures drop in the fall, I crave a warm creamy beverage in my hands at the beginning of the day. To minimize my coffee intake, I’ve been experimenting with other latte type drinks and teas. This matcha latte recipe is divine. It’s vegan (perfect since I cut dairy from my diet last March) and you can adjust the sugar to your liking. I love it just as Dana has written the recipe, with just a bit of maple syrup.
  2. Music - I went into my office on Wednesday to do my daily writing and got totally distracted by creating a new Spotify playlist for myself of dance tunes I can blast when I’m doing busy work. I admit it was a major procrastination task but I didn’t consider it a waste of 30 minutes because I love my music loud and danceable and it was so fun to search for new recommended songs. It wasn’t a to-do list item to check off, but it got me geeked to complete my writing so I could “reward” myself with the playlist later.
  3. Detroit Rose candles. Once I’m back home from shuttling the kids to their respective schools, one of the first things I do when I sit at my desk is light a candle. I’ve loved Detroit Rose candles for many years because their scents are fab, they consistently burn clean and they are a small, local business. My favorite scents are Cinnamon Chai and Lavender.
  4. Worthwhile Paper planner. For the last year I've been going back and forth between a paper planner and a digital to-do list - primarily because I was constantly over-scheduling myself and then watching those tasks repeatedly not get done. I craved a fresh start last fall, around the same time Kristen launched her new planner, and fell in love. It's been the perfect analog home - to plan my day, jot down podcast notes and even journal in it on occasion - because each day is just one big square. And it’s undated, so I’m not beating myself up for not using it every week. Been there, done that. And most of all, it gives off a calming vibe (which I totally need in my life right now) and not one that makes me feel like I need to be doing all of the things.
  5. Affirmators! cards - Fact : I am really intrigued by tarot cards but know nothing about them. I love the “woo” factor, but sometimes it’s a little over my head. It’s totally on my list of things I’d like to dive in to. Until then, this Affirmators deck is so, so fun. In the morning, after lighting my candle and settling in at my desk, I draw a card, nod because it’s always just what I need to hear, and often I have a little chuckle. It's a nice little reminder to glance at on my desk + if nothing else, they make me smile. 

    What is getting you through the winter + making you super happy right now?

P.S. I have been working behind the scenes on revamping my website and plan to take the blog down temporarily at the end of February. With that, I'm also starting an email newsletter, which I am very excited about. Fingers crossed that it's a quick update + I can get back to sharing here soon after.

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