Summer 2017 Album : The Beginning

SUMMER 2017 ALBUM | Silver Lake Lodge Documenter Workshop Sneaks for Studio Calico

Back in May as I was putting my scrapbook space back together, I found myself on the floor looking through my past Project Life albums. Peeking back into our life 2, 3, 5 years ago. Some things have changed. Many are the same. And boy, I can't believe how much my kids have grown.

It's been a year and a half since I've consistently created anything with pocket pages. I miss it. I want to jump back in.

Rather than start a new album in the middle of the year, I began making plans to start a summer album. Something simple and small to ease my way back in, while documenting what we're up to between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 


The first step was to find an album. Ali Edwards recently came out with some really nice 6x8 albums, so I bought the greige one along with an assortment of page protectors. (The full page 6x8 and the 4-pocket styles are my favorite.) The album quality is great and I love how thick the spine is. I definitely won't be worrying about filling it up too soon.

Next was to collect supplies. I have a nice selection of summer-y product in my stash, so I pulled out a variety of journaling cards, stamps and embellishments to keep out. If I purchase anything, it will probably be something small like journaling cards. This month I added these two sets - Art Prints and Underwater - from Life Love Paper for Studio Calico to my stash. I love everything Tina makes.

Keeping good notes of what is going on on a daily basis is super important to me too so I grabbed a small journal from my stash to write in regularly. I've been adding in things like outings we take, what we're eating, people we are hanging out with, quotes from the kids. I debated just using something like Evernote to write daily notes (and have access to no matter where I am), but I tend to add a lot more details when it's handwritten. Plus the journal is small enough that I can tuck it in a pocket in the back of my album after it's complete. That on it's own will be fun to read in the future.

I also had an opportunity to play with Studio Calico's newest Documenter kit, Silver Lake Lodge. This month, I'm teaching the Documenter Workshop and sharing my process, along with three spreads from my summer album! The kit was fun to work with and is a great throwback to the Copper Mountain kit as Studio Calico is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! Below are sneaks from each of my spreads. Click on the image below to see the full contents of the kit and sign up for the workshop (which is only $5!).


I'm really going to just go with the flow with this album and fill it in as I have time. Now that we are several weeks into summer, I've succumbed to the fact that my daily routine is way different than it is when my kids are in school. It's not bad at all, just different, and lots of fun. Making stuff is not a priority right now, so it's enough for me to know if I can just remember to take photos and journal about our days, then I can actually do the work of putting it all together as I have time.

Something I've been focusing on recently is just working with one project at a time and giving it my all until it's done. Last weekend I completed my Week in the Life album so that feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! This summer album is next on my list. In the coming weeks I'm going to start batch printing my photos, one month at a time, and begin filling in the blanks. I love the idea of just leaving this album open on my desk and putzing around with it when I have 15 free minutes here and there.