Details at 39 Mini Book : Preparation

Details @39 Mini Book : Preparation | Nicole Reaves

Yesterday was my 39th birthday and I’m celebrating with a month-long project! After two previous attempts, I’m dedicating the month of April to work on my Details mini book - inspired by the Studio Calico class from Tina Aszmus, aka LifeLovePaper. But first, a little backstory.

Details @39 Mini Book : Preparation | Nicole Reaves

Back in 2015, I started making my first Details mini. I was crazy inspired by the class content and after a weekend crop, I was off to a good start. But I stalled and never finished it. Last year when Tina's second Details class went live, I thought I would revisit what I had finished with the first one and try again. It was hard to decide if I should salvage it, or if I should start fresh. I loved a lot of the pages I had made, but since it was over a year ago that I’d completed them, some pages just weren’t relevant or current anymore. I decided to scrap it, but keep some of the page ideas from the first book and try again. I purchased the 2016 kit and completed the class content, but, life got in the way last fall and I never started.

Details @39 Mini Book : Preparation | Nicole Reaves

Ugh, tell me I'm not the only one who does this!? I knew I wanted to make a Details mini. I just needed a better time to commit to it and finish it! Good gracious, I just want to finish this mini. What better time than my birthday month. I definitely needed a better game plan though. This is how I prepared for it this time around :

Absorbing the Class Content

Last month I watched all of the videos and read the lessons again, taking lots of notes and writing down each assignment. Maybe I’m crazy but I like homework. I need action steps to take to help me move forward, prepare for the next lesson and, as I stressed earlier, get the project done. And man, I will pay $10 any day to watch Tina’s tutorials and see her flip through one of her projects while she discusses her process. I also created my own digital inspiration page based on images I saved on Pinterest (the template was part of the class) to use for ideas on painted patterns and backgrounds.

Collecting my Supplies

Last week I collected all of my supplies – which mostly consists of pieces from the first Details kit and the entire second kit. I really didn't pull much more out of my own stash since I hope to focus more on the photos and painted pages I make. Less is more here and I work better with some restrictions. I also have a collection of pens, watercolor paints and brushes within reach.

Consolidating my Page Ideas

Tina included a page of fun prompts in the class, so I highlighted the ones I liked, reviewed the prompts she gave us in the first class, and also flipped through my copy of How To Be an Explorer of the World for more ideas. I used these three sources to create a page-long master list of prompts – over 50 of them! I might only get half of them into this mini book, but I'm already prepared for that "I don’t know what to make today!" excuse.

The Daily Plan

All that was left was a plan to work on it. Tina suggested trying to do at least a page a day and I love that. It keeps the project top of mind and current. Plus, it will go with my theme of capturing details of my life, right now, at age 39. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll do more than one page on some days! Nonetheless, my goal is to have a full mini book at the end of April by dedicating 30-45 minutes each afternoon to making something.

I’m only on day 3 and so far, so good. I’ve been anxious to complete this book for a couple years now, so motivation is on my side. All of my supplies are out on my desk and I've written a note in my Get To Work Book every day in April to create one page. What do they say - third time’s a charm? Let’s hope so.

If you'd like to follow along, I'll be sharing my progress on this mini on Instagram - I'm @nicolereaves over there. Otherwise, I will be posting my completed mini book here, hopefully in May!

Along with myself, Jen Chapin and Marcy Penner, Tina Aszmus is part of the teacher lineup for the Mini Book Library class series at Studio Calico and will be sharing an updated edition of this Details mini in November. It's not too late to sign up! Enrollment ends on April 15th.

So tell me, what unfinished project would you most like to revisit?