Five for Friday : Favorite Podcast Episodes

Five for Friday : Favorite Podcast Episodes | Nicole Reaves

Like many of you, I love a good podcast. The list of ones that I subscribe to is fairly short and I try to only keep ones in my feed that consistently interest me because I'm the type to get overwhelmed if I have too many that remain unplayed. So, right now I'm attempting to listen to just enough to keep me inspired and entertained. Today I want to share my five favorite episodes from the last few weeks.

1. Raise Your Hand and Say Yes with Tiffany Han Episode 71 : Amy Robles on Money // As much as I enjoy using my creative side, I'm also a bit of a nerd about numbers. Spreadsheets and budgets and managing our money are all things I gladly take over in our household. Seriously! Tiffany's chat with Amy was so fun and enlightening (and enthusiastic!) and I came away with some great ideas on how to tweak our finances so we can spend wisely and save for the things we really want.

2. The Simple Show with Gretchen Rubin // I will admit, I had a really hard time reading Gretchen's "Happiness" books. I didn't even finish them. But after listening to Tsh talk to Gretchen about her new book, I'm halfway through reading Better than Before and loving it! While discussing the four tendencies, I've learned that I'm an Upholder. And an Obstainer. And so much more. Everything I thought I knew about habit setting has been totally thrown out the window - in a good way.

3. Seanwes Episode 241 : How to Become a Learning Machine // There are podcasts I can listen to while working or cleaning, and others I have to be completely focused and still, with pen in hand, because there is so much to absorb. For me, this episode was the latter. It's on the longer side, as most of Sean's episodes are, but so good + so informative. He writes amazing shownotes, but my favorite takeaway was to use a tool to save things you want to consume later - blog posts to read, videos to watch, books to check out, etc. Pocket is my personal favorite. Then you can maintain focused work time and focused consumption time. "Fight the urge to consume in the moment." Love that.

4. The Lively Show Episode 118 : Proactively Parenting with an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Pat Flynn // Of all of the life topics that interest me, parenting is typically not one that I seek out. Not because I think I've got it all figured out. Not in the least. But probably because it is such an opinionated subject. I had a lot of 'ah-ha' moments as Pat talked to Jess about his parenting style and especially how he's teaching his children to be problem solvers. They also discuss business + new ideas and I've also added their first podcast episode to my queue to listen to soon.

5. Explore Your Enthusiasm on Focus // I've been going through Tara's archives and this one was from last summer. While I already knew a lot of these tips, I benefited from hearing them again (and again). It really made me think about what my big distractions are + how I find my greatest focus. I totally recommend this one if you could use a reminder or help with triggers on your own distractions.

Have any favorite podcast episodes? Share them in the comments! Hope you all have a great weekend!