Introducing, School Days

I have a love / hate relationship with the school album I started for Morgan a few years ago. I love what I've done, but it was such a lengthy and tedious project, and I had no filter for what I included in it because I wanted to document everything. Now that her little brother has started school full-time, there was no way I could keep up with that business, times two. I needed a plan and a new system for his album. That's where the content for School Days, my first Big Picture Classes class, began.

Over the course of six lessons, I discuss everything from choosing your best album format (I went with 9x12 using the new Seven Paper Darcy collection), to creating a repeatable album formula every year of your child's school years. I've included two simple free printables in the classroom to use during the planning process, so you can choose what is most important to you when filling the pages of your album. There's an entire lesson on getting organized too - both your album supplies and the piles of stuff your child will bring (or has already brought) home.

My plan is to use a single album to hold the best of the best of Parker's school years. 13 years of school in one album? You bet! I'll show you what I intend to include every year and how I've left room for extras, like field trip photos and artwork, and the unknown. One year he might be big into soccer, and the next he might love science. Who knows? Considering he has just started kindergarten, I know this will be a long ongoing project so I've also shared ideas for maintaining your album over the years. At the end of the class, you'll see how I set up my album in a video walk-through.

This project is easily adaptable to your family situation and documentation plans too! Maybe you want to consolidate your son's high school years into one album? Maybe your daughter participates in track or band and you want to highlight how important those activities are to her school career? Perhaps you have more than one child you want to start albums for and you don't know where to start - and you need it to be easy to keep up with. That would be me. Once I got Parker's album set up, I purchased a second Darcy bundle and plan to set up an album for Morgan in the coming months. No more stress over creating a volume of albums just on their school years! Whether you have a child just starting out in school, or getting ready to graduate this year, I believe this approach can work for you. It's all about setting up your ideal formula and then filling it in at your own pace. 

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