Documenting a Changing Smile with Project Life

Documenting A Changing Smile With Project Life | Nicole Reaves

Early last year when Morgan lost her first tooth, I set up a Project Life page in her Childhood / School Album where I could document each lost tooth and her changing smile, in a single spread. You can read my original post about how I set up the page here, but here is a simplified breakdown of the pockets :

Documenting A Changing Smile With Project Life | Nicole Reaves

I'm using one side of a Design F page protector here - with one 4x6 and ten 3x4 pockets. In the 4x6 pocket, I created a simple tooth chart (free download below!) which I printed on a 4x6 Becky Higgins grid card. I left plenty of room around the edges to add the date with a small arrow to each tooth as it falls out.


Layered over the grid card is a piece of star transparency on top of some pink vellum. To the center I adhered a tooth cut (free download below!) and a wood veneer M before stitching all four pieces together.

On the day she loses a tooth, I take a vertical photo of her and attempt to crop it to show the same amount of her face as the previous one. A couple of those photos are off, but it doesn't bother me too much. I could go back and reprint them in the future. After printing a 3x4 and rounding the corners, I add the date with a date stamp in the bottom right corner.

Documenting A Changing Smile With Project Life | Nicole Reaves

On the evening of the day she has lost a tooth, I print a copy of the tooth fairy receipt that I created in Photoshop with the Fake Receipt font. I originally saw this idea on Stephanie Howell's blog here. The receipt is sized at 3x4 (because the tooth fairy is a Project Life advocate, right?) and it goes inside Morgan's tooth fairy box with some money (and a sprinkling of glitter) in exchange for the missing tooth.

By now, Morgan knows that I've been keeping the receipts, so she gives it to me in the morning and I slip them behind the corresponding photo in the Project Life layout. I attach a small tab to the top first so you could easily pull the receipt out to read it.

Morgan lost tooth #6 just after her 7th birthday, so this is what the page looks like right now :

Documenting A Changing Smile With Project Life | Nicole Reaves

I love seeing Morgan's changing smile and how much she's grown over the last year. I'm excited to start Parker's when he loses his first tooth!

If you'd like to use the tooth chart and/or tooth cut file for Silhouette for your own projects, I'm sharing them as freebies here :

They are both super simple files so you can customize or print / cut them on any paper you like. If you use them, I'd love to see! Please tag me (@nicolereaves) on Instagram or Twitter to show me what you've made. Enjoy!