2015 Goal Tracker Progress : July

Goal Tracker Progress : July | Nicole Reaves

Though I don't have much to report, I wanted to share what my goal tracker looks like at the end of July. "But you really didn't do much" I thought to myself when I decided I should just post anyway because I did do something. And like I've said before, not every month is going to be crazy productive, filling in all the blanks. This happens to be my mid-year lull.

What do I feel accomplished with? At the beginning of the year when I made this goal list, traveling to a big city was not part of my intentions. I thought I'd stick around here, at least within Michigan, but I'm so happy I got to add Portland to my tracker. I came home feeling creatively inspired, as well as with a fresh outlook on life and my priorities. I was also incredibly eager to see my family. We had never done such big trips separately before (and likely won't for quite some time), but I think it was really good for all of us to do our own thing, have our own adventures, create our own stories. I found a quote in Design Mom last weekend that said "If you never leave, how will you know what it feels like to come home?" Ah, super love that.

I also read Scary Close last month, which I talked a bit about here. It felt even more powerful considering I was away from the people I have the closest relationships with. I'll definitely be reading that one again someday. I'd say hitting 10 books this year shouldn't be a problem. Here is my tally at the end of July :

  • Reading : 8/10 or 80%
  • Exploring : 3/4 or 75%
  • Creating : 22/50 or 44%
  • Learning : 1/2 or 50%

What did I struggle with? Other than staying caught up on Project Life and completing my assignments, the creative time just isn't there. Halfway through the summer, I've come to accept that, so I'm really just letting it go until school starts back up and I can give 'layout creation' some much needed attention. 

Moving forward in August : I'm giving my goal tracker a break next month while I work on some other projects. No guilt, no apologies. Then I can re-group in September. I'm looking forward to that!