Project Life 2015 : Monthly House Photo Update

Project Life : Monthly House Photo Update | Nicole Reaves

When I set up my 2015 Project Life album, I was having trouble deciding on a formal opening page, so I made several. One was fun, one holds family selfies and one features the seasons and our house. My plan, which I talked here, was to take a photo of the front of our house every month for the entire year and to fill two Design C page protectors. Though the house itself isn't changing, the seasons do, and I thought that might be a fun thing to capture over a 12-month period and view at a glance. A very kind blogger recently asked me about this, so I thought I'd share an update here on how it's coming along.

I took our July photo on Wednesday, but haven't printed it out yet, so the photo above is how spread looks so far. I've been simply printing the 4x6 photo, adding a month label sticker to the bottom edge and slipping it in the page protector. So easy and it's been simple to keep up with. And so I don't forget, I set a reminder on my phone for the first of each month so I can go out and snap at the photo while we're out and about. It doesn't always happen on the first though. Depending on the time of day + the weather (especially the sun since I'm facing southwest in these photos), sometimes I wait a day or two so the house isn't in shadow so much.

Right now, I've filled just the left side with photos, but eventually I think I will move them around so they fill the entire top row (four across with January - April), middle row (May - August), then bottom row (September - December). With 12 photos, that layout might make the overall two-page spread flow better.

A note about consistency : Caylee once mentioned on Instagram that she liked how I got the same angle of the house in every photo. I love that she noticed because that was important to me, without doing a ton of editing before printing. To achieve this, we have a large shrub in the front corner of our yard that I always stand at to get the same angle of the house. I know if I stand here with my iPhone, the house will fit in the entire frame. Vertically, I have mentally remembered what branches on the tree on the left show in the frame. It's not perfect, but I know I have to crop the height anyways to get the 4x6 size. If you want to do the same, I highly suggest finding something in your yard that you can use as a marker. It works like a charm!