2015 Goal Tracker Progress : May

Goal Tracker Progress : May | Nicole Reaves

May was really good in so many ways. On top of the awesome scrapbooking opportunities I had, I kept busy with my own goals and a spring to-do list (which is so close to being done) and I'm ending the month feeling very accomplished after figuring out the best way for me to stay productive and not overwhelmed.

What do I feel accomplished with? I finished Me Before You (which I loved!), added another city to my explore list (and assembled a mini book about it), and created 5 new layouts since April. Here's how things are stacking up with 5 months down :

  • Reading : 6/10 or 60%
  • Exploring : 2/4 or 50%
  • Creating : 20/50 or 40%
  • Learning : 1/2 or 50%

What did I struggle with? I admit, I was stressing a little bit after taking on some extra projects this month. I was really excited, but wondered how I was going to do my best work for others and still have time to work toward my own goals. While it's not uncommon for me to make five layouts in a month, this time I had deadlines attached, which meant prioritizing. When given the choice, I just incorporated the product with my own project list and I think the end result was something that was true to me and my style. Something that I was quite proud of. 

Moving forward in June : The kids will be out of school soon, so I know my daily routine is going to be a lot different in a few weeks. I'm hoping to make time to get back into a "layout a week" habit because I know spending hours in my scrapbook room is not going to happen. I've also been thinking more about what I'd like my second class to be this year. I always thought maybe I would try a workshop at a local letterpress studio, but after reading about a new local archery range that is opening next month, I'm really intrigued by that. I'm hoping to look into that option in June.