Preparing for a Week in the Life

Preparing for a Week in the Life | Nicole Reaves

Over the past few years, I've noticed a pattern in when I like to take the time to document a week in our life. My first attempt was five years ago when I was pregnant with Parker. I took the photos, saved the stuff and made a lot of notes, but I never did anything with it. A year later in 2011, I tried again (and succeeded) and loved it. I love looking back on that album (and so do the kids - "Look how little we are!") but I don't think anyone will deny that it is an intense project. Because of that, I usually only do it every other year instead of every year. The last time I did it, the fall of 2013, I didn't even finish the "putting it all together" part until the following spring. It seems like I need to work on it right away, otherwise I lose interest. That's just one of the many things I've learned about this project.

When Ali's 2014 Week in the Life kit went on sale in her shop about a month or so ago, I took it as a sign and swiped it up. I was due to do it again this year and it's a great kit that I'm excited to use, even if I didn't grab it when most people did last October. Major bonus that it wasn't date specific too - thank you Ali!

When I was figuring out what week would work best, I factored in several things. I wanted to do it soon (before summer vacation starts) to remember what our daily school / work life is like. As I sifted through the kit, I even looked at the calendar to see if there was a month coming up that started on a Monday so I could use those big chipboard numbers as dates. Yup, June does! That first week of June is also when Morgan and Parker will be celebrating their 7th and 5th birthdays. What a great way to focus on each of them and document their special days. So, I decided on Monday June 1st - Sunday June 7th for this particular Week in the Life project. Note : from what I've read on Ali's blog, she is doing her official Week in the Life for 2015 in August.

Because I'm filling just one 12x12 per week for Project Life this year, that has left me a fair amount of wiggle room in my album for inserts and extras. So, rather than create a separate album for my Week in the Life, I'm just going to add it into my Project Life album. Sharing a video seemed like the easiest way to show you how I've set up my Week in the Life pages, so you can check that out below. I'm not a terribly chatty person, but talking you through it was the best way to explain my plans.

Having this framework finished has me feeling pretty confident about documenting and completing this project. Not only do I have some expectations for myself, but I also have ideas for other details - like how many pictures I will need each day and how to fill those 6x12 page protectors. Hooray for planning and preparation with a go-with-the-flow attitude.

I have already penciled in my calendar to work on my pages immediately, the second week of June, before school is out for summer. If all goes as planned, I will share it here as soon as it is finished. Here are some links to the products and sources I mentioned in the video :