Goal Tracker Progress : April

Goal Tracker Progress : April | Nicole Reaves

April was good. My plate was packed with projects (both private and ones I share here) and I think I balanced them nicely. Instead of getting overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, I reviewed everything, prioritized what was most important from what could wait, and just went from there. Plus I added my spring to-do list into the mix of things I want to get done. Lots to do around here!

What do I feel accomplished with? I finished two books (Tiny Beautiful Things and Playing Big - both were really good!) which is crazy because I'm a slow reader. I've also added four layouts since my last progress update - not bad. I liked sharing my percentages in March, so here's where I'm at right now :

  • Reading : 5/10 or 50%
  • Exploring : 1/4 or 25% (I have trip number two scheduled for tomorrow!)
  • Creating : 16/50 or 32%
  • Learning : 1/2 or 50%

What did I struggle with? Nothing really. I wouldn't call it a "struggle", but a lot of the books I had on hold at the library all seemed to become available at the same time. Slow reader = I knew wouldn't be able to read more than one, so I chose Me Before You to read next and took the others back. Yes, my box of tissues are on standby. Next time, I'll just put one book on hold at a time.

Moving forward in May : It's suppose to be nice tomorrow, so I'm getting out of the house for a little solo field trip. I've been using Kelly's tips for saving favorites in Google Maps to mark places I want to visit and I'm excited to dedicate the day to exploring. On the creative front, I have a few really fun opportunities lined up for next month, so I'm ready to fill in a few more of those layout circles in the coming weeks. Overall, I feel comfortable with where I'm at with this list. Let's hope I can say that at the end of May. We'll be halfway through the year before we know it.