Documenting Spring Break 2015

Documenting Spring Break 2015 | Nicole Reaves

As I was planning out my Project Life spread for Weeks 15 and 16, I knew I had more photos and stuff than usual. And not a lot of space without veering from my typical one side per week format this year. Week 15 was our spring break and while we didn't go anywhere warm and tropical, I did do a pretty darn good job keeping the kids busy. We went to the zoo with my sister and nephews (on the one nice day we had), a new-to-us indoor play place, enjoyed a visit from my mom, saw Home, went to the library and a few other spots around town. We were not bored, that's for sure.

To document this week, I went with a coin (or slide) page protector, which has 2" square pockets, and I will to add it as an insert between the main spread. After trimming off the right side column of the page protector, I was left with 30 pockets to fill.

Documenting Spring Break 2015 | Nicole Reaves

Left side is the front / right side is the back. After cutting all of the memorabilia I had saved (food packaging, artwork, tickets, etc) as well as a few photos from the week to 2x2, I began arranging and rearranging everything. Flipping from front to back and back to front, over and over, to make sure everything looked fairly balance. Then added patterned paper and some simple embellishments to the empty slots. After adhering a clear tab with the dates stamped on it to the right edge, I called it done.

Again, a super simple layout, but it's a nice overview of the activities of the week. And it was quick, with a start to finish at just one hour. Now I can continue with my main Project Life spread and not feel like I'm leaving anything out for the sake of space.