Spring To-Do List

Spring To-Do List | Nicole Reaves

As I was planning out my week yesterday, I noticed that I had a handful of things on my master to-do list that keep getting pushed back. Yard work is stalled because of bad weather. Appointments get cancelled because someone is sick or overbooked. Fear of spending the money. Household projects that I can't do alone. Or I'm just plain unmotivated or distracted or anxious or scared to move forward.

So, I wrote up a quick list of things that I really want to tackle in the next eight weeks. Things I've been putting off for one reason or another, plus a few new + fun things. Most of it is around the house stuff, with a few craft projects mixed in and some other family odds and ends that keep falling to the wayside. Why eight weeks? That's when school ends for the year here and I fully intend on slowing down with my kiddos once that last bell rings, not jamming out a big to-do list. During those eight weeks, I have 14 child-free days, and really, zero excuses why I can't cross out many of these items. I hope that having this list front + center will keep me focused and less likely to fill those days with time-wasting activities. 

Today, I'm going to break each of the bigger projects into smaller tasks, along with a 'things to buy' and 'phone calls to make' list, and start filling in my calendar. Tomorrow, I'm going to put that red Sharpie to work. And, I will most likely post occasional updates of my progress on Instagram.

In the photo : "Do this stuff" notepad from Paper + Honey. Hardcover notebook from Baron Fig