Goal Tracker Progress : March

Goal Tracker Progress : March | Nicole Reaves

The first quarter of 2015 is just about over and if I'm thinking about percentages when I look at my overall goal progress this year, I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

What do I feel accomplished with? I've added 6 more scrapbook layouts to my album in the last month and that feels really good, especially since I've taken on a mini book project too. I'm making a dent in my stash and love pairing them with Ali's Story Kits. I feel like by getting slightly ahead now, I will feel comfortable slowing down once summer comes. Who knows what my creative and energy levels will be like once school is out. I've made 12 out of 50 layouts - or 24%.

Reading is going well too. I finished The Fringe Hours (which I got a lot out of, even though I'm not the typical busy, working mom) and started Playing Big. I actually got the latter at the library late last year but couldn't finish it before I had to return it (and I wasn't able to renew it because someone else had it on hold). I enjoyed it so much I got it for my Kindle and started back at the beginning. I'm taking it slow because there is a lot to absorb, as well as some journaling opportunities. So often I will read through a book like that, a book that makes you think, but I don't take the time to do the work as I'm reading. I think, "Oh, I'll just go back and do that later" and I never do. So, it's been a slow go, but it will be worth it in the end. So far, I've read 3 out of 10 books - or 30%.

What did I struggle with? The last few layouts have not turned out the way I'd hoped. Maybe it's the pictures, the product, or the journaling, but something isn't jiving. I'm dealing with the fact that my experiments don't always work out, but get over it Nicole, it's just paper. I'm mostly just really happy to have the story documented. Then, I started my Details mini and I'm loving that so much, but it's hard for me to flip-flop between sizes. Can anyone else relate? And while I'm asking questions - for you kit scrappers - what do you do with the product you don't love? Do you use it anyway? Do you set it aside? I think I need to get over the pressure to use up every little bit and just allow myself to be inspired by the stuff that I do love.

Moving forward in April : I definitely want to get out for a little city trip, probably after the kids are back to school after spring break. I'll probably need it!  I feel like I need to get off the personal development book kick after Playing Big is complete, and grab something off my fiction wish list. Next month, I'll see what my library has. I'm also going to sift through my kits and choose one that speaks to me. And not stress about making for the sake of making. Working on my mini book has been more inspiring right now, so I'm going to go with that.