Five for Friday : Favorite Black Pens

5 Favorite Black Pens | Nicole Reaves

In my opinion, you can never have too many black pens. Between Mark and I, they seem to collect and multiply around here like nobody's business and I might get a little cranky if I don't have easy access to a nice one. I prefer a good roller or felt tip pen over ball point because they flow so much nicer and don't glob up on my paper. I haven't jumped onto the erasable pen wagon yet though. Maybe someday.

Here are my five fave black pens at the moment (affiliate links to Amazon throughout) :

  1. Pilot Precise v5 is my everyday pen. I keep them at my desk, in my purse, in the kitchen, in the car. I use them everywhere on nearly everything. I've purchased smaller packs of these at Target too.
  2. Pigma Micron .01 tip pen is perfect when I need fine journaling, especially if I'm trying to fit a lot of handwritten text onto a 3x4 journaling card for Project Life. You can get them in singles, and other tip thicknesses, here too.
  3. The Pentel sign pen has been a long-time fave since architecture school because of its solid fiber tip. Not too thick, not too thin.
  4. The Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Big Brush Pen is so so awesome. I think these are a fun and less messy alternative to adding brush-like script to your projects without paint, water and a brush.
  5. American Crafts Slick Writers write like a dream, especially on slick surfaces like photos and vellum. These are also some of the longest lasting pens I've had in my stash.

Do you have a favorite black pen? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Have a fabulous weekend!