Details Mini Book : Part 01

Details Mini Book : Part 01 | Nicole Reaves

Last weekend I got a decent chunk of my Details mini book started. During the week, I created a very simple letterpress cover with thick chipboard + this letterpress alpha.

Details Mini Book : Part 01 | Nicole Reaves

The best part? No ink = no mess. It's tricky to photograph, but I love how it turned out.

Details Mini Book : Part 01 | Nicole Reaves

Unfortunately I forgot my printables and transfer supplies at home, so I wasn't able to play with those during my crop time, but I had plenty to keep me busy. The list of prompts was one of my very favorite things that Tina shared in the class (and her tutorials. And the videos. It's all so good!). They gave me a lot of food for thought since most of them were ideas I hadn't thought of in the past. I spent a bit of time sketching out what I wanted my two-page spreads to look like so I'd have some kind of starting point. 

Here's a look at my book so far. I have a lot of half-done pages too, but will share those when they are complete. Click the photos below to see them larger and "flip" through the pages.

As much as I love a finished project, I'm going to follow Tina's lead and let this be a project that is 'in progress' with no definite completion date. I'll continue filling in the gaps, adding bits and pieces front and back as I work through the prompts and think of more "details" to document. 

I will share more as it comes along. I think class is open for registration through the end of March, so if this one intrigues you, I would jump on it! Check out the details here.