Goal Tracker Progress : February

Goal Tracker Progress : February

Let's be honest. I'm feeling pretty meh about my goal progress for February. Where did this month go? I know not every month is going to be full of positivity and productivity. February was definitely not one of them. Here's a rundown of my highs and lows this month.

What do I feel accomplished with? Reading has been great and it’s been my favorite way to pass the time when in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school or when on a road trip, like last weekend. I finished Yes Please at the beginning of February and Zen Habits last week, so I made a few more Kindle purchases to get me through the next couple months. I could have bought so many more (my wish list is packed), but I decided I’m going to buy non-fiction and memoirs (which I’m much more likely to re-read) for my Kindle and get the fiction books on my list at our local library. I’m 2 for 10 for my reading goal for the year.

I’m also excited about learning to knit and so happy I accepted Sue’s offer to teach me. That was a highlight this month.

What did I struggle with? February was off to a great start but mid-month our family was hit with a tummy bug, which kept me on edge and exhausted for over a week. Add a long weekend break from school and two days off because it was too damn cold outside, and I was spent. I nearly burst into tears when Mark walked in the door on Friday. Yeah, he’s home! He told me I should get out of the house for a few hours (alone!) on Saturday morning and it was a wonderful recharge. Just what I needed.

So, naturally, any scrapbooking or writing I had planned was the first thing to go while I tried to get myself and the kids healthy again. As of right now, I’ve only done one layout, so I'm 6 for 50 on my layouts goal.

Moving forward in March : This week I need to do a complete regroup of all of the things I was hoping to get done in February (not just these goals) and pick and choose what I move into March. Reading has become an enjoyable habit and I probably won’t take another city trip until it warms up, so cranking out some layouts is going to be my focus in March. Like 5-8 layouts would be wonderful. I have a mini book project on my mind for April and would love to get a little ahead.

I'm not waiting for the fresh start of a new month. Today, I’m thankful for a new week and hope I can recoup a little time to work on my goals.