Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach

Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach

At the end of last year, I was flipping through the pages of my past Project Life albums, unsure of how I was going to approach it in 2015. My thoughts spanned from not doing it at all to just going back to basics - 12x12 album with Design A page protectors. I love love my albums and having our everyday life documented, but I missed the enjoyment of putting my spreads together. I was burnt out + swimming in product I didn't love. I realized I want to do Project Life because I want to.

So I pared back the stuff - the cards and embellishments that just weren't my style - and came up with a plan. This is all based on looking back at my albums over the last year or so, when I feel like I really developed my style, and thought about why my favorites are my favorites.

Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach
  • go back to 12x12
  • stick with Design A page protectors
  • one week = one 12x12 page
  • use what I have + love ( I already had an album and 7394251 page protectors to choose from)
  • add computer text / journaling to photos as needed
  • continue to print photos at home, on a weekly basis
  • work on my spreads bi-weekly so the overall layout is consistent
  • keep it simple

So what's different? Essentially I guess I'm just scaling back a bit. Documenting just one side per week means I only have to choose four 4x6 photos and fill in the rest with journaling. Thoughtful journaling (and fewer filler cards unless they are truly appropriate) that sums up our week. I'll be saving the longer stories for something else and not stress about getting every.single.little.thing in Project Life. Oh, and I'm using pretty things that I love. 

My biggest creative feat of the 2015 is to make more scrapbook layouts. I have a post to share about that soon and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know what I'm talking about. By refining my Project Life process, I hope these spreads will come together simply and quickly, leaving me with time for other projects.

Doing just one spread per two weeks is going to leave me with plenty of space in this album too, so I plan on documenting a Week in the Life this year and will include those pages in this album.

So with that, here's what I did with my 2015 opening page :

Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach

I couldn't decide between doing something fun, or creating a page that is more photo based like I've done previously, so I'm doing both. I used a page protector for coins that has 2" square pockets and filled them with cards and bits from the Studio Calico Far Far Away Project Life kits for January as well as a few things from my stash. Keeping in mind what was going to show on the backside, I stitched the pockets that had anything loose in it closed with gold metallic thread (because it matched and it was still in my machine from working on my December album). Here is the back (and the first full spread) :

Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach

I love what Trisha Harrison did with her opening page this year, particularly with the "20" and "15" from her Stendig calendar. I keep my old calendar pages for the kids to color, or as wrapping paper, so I had plenty left to do the same. I used a Design C page protector here and will fill in the remaining four pockets with family selfies we take throughout the year. We had a bunch last year and I presume we will again in 2015.

This is a sketch of the next spread, as it's going to be an "in-progress" page throughout the year :

Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach

My plan is to take a monthly photo of our yard / house and slip it in this spread. Crazy simple, but we are lucky to live in a state with very distinct seasons, so I imagine this is going to be an awesome layout by the end of the year. I have the location I was standing in the front yard marked so hopefully each photo will be pretty close to the last when it comes to vantage point. 

As far as sharing goes, I plan to do that here twice a month. Weeks 01 + 02 are already complete and that spread was part of a lesson on process with the Project Shots students. Note : enrollment is still open on my class, as well as the Day by Day bundle, through January 31.

Project Life 2015 : Opening Page + A New Approach

I've seen a lot of people switching it up this year (and a lot of newbies too!) and I've really enjoyed hearing why they are making changes. I've found myself nodding my head in agreement and feeling a little less pressure to feel like I have to carry on as I have been for the last three years. Bottom line is you gotta do what's best for you. I love Project Life, but change is good.

My go-to supplies this year : We R Memory Keepers Leather 12x12 Album in GreigeDesign A page protectorsBecky Higgins journaling pens + date stamp, corner roundertiny attacherblack ink.

Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. You can read all about it here. You can see my albums from the past here : 2014 / 2013 / 2012