The 20 Questions book is a hand-held reminder of childhood moments that may have otherwise been forgotten. Nothing beats being able to flip through the pages of that book and relive those memories all over again.

In 2011, I created a scrapbook for my three-year-old daughter, Morgan. I named it 20 Questions and the plan was to record her answers to the same 20 questions every year on her birthday. Short and simple questions, like what is her favorite color, who is her best friend, and what does she want to be when she grows up. I’d accompany the questionnaire with a photo and repeat the process annually for as long as she’d let me—hopefully into her teenage years! 

This album quickly became the highest viewed project on my blog and shortly after, my shop's best selling product. Now, the 20 Questions Birthday Interview Book for Kids is available to anyone who wants to capture memories of the little ones in their life! I have chosen Blurb to print, bind and ship these books to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and godparents all over the world.


  • Book colors : red, pink, green, blue + gray

  • Size : just under 7" x 7"

  • Format : softcover bound book

  • Ages : 3-18

  • The color of the age / number on the interior pages match the cover color.

  • Price : $33.99 plus shipping (virtually worldwide).

On each two-page spread, you'll find the 20 question interview on the right side. The blank page on the left is perfect for adding a small recent photo of your child. Have a budding artist? Ask them to draw a picture in that space. When the child is old enough to read and write, you could ask them to fill our their own questionnaire as a way to document their changing handwriting too.

I keep two 20 Questions books for each of my children - one for us to keep and one to give to them when they turn 18. Shh...they don't know about that yet! Each book is print to order, so they will never "sell out", and they make wonderful gifts as well. These books have become my gift of choice (along with a fun toy!) for all of the three-year-olds in our life. 

At age 10, Morgan already enjoys looking back through her book to read and re-read her answers from when she was "little." We will always treasure this book and the memories it allows us to relive, and I hope you and your family enjoy it as well.


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