Hi, I'm Nicole!

I LIVE in Michigan with my husband, Mark, and children, Morgan + Parker.

I LOVE pretty paper, hand lettering, making lists, stripes and plenty of coffee.

I AM an Etsy shop owner + the creator of the 20 Questions Birthday Interview Book for Kids.

Kelly Purkey : May - December 2015
One Little Bird : September 2015
Ali Edwards Guest Storyteller : May 2015 (Little Things Theme)
Studio Calico : December 2012 - December 2014
Kerri Bradford Studio : September 2014
Elle's Studio : September 2012 + December 2013
Kaitlin Shaeffer (formally Ormolu) : Summer 2012

I'VE TAUGHT classes online :
Big Picture Classes - School Days + Pocket Prompts | 09
Studio Calico - Mini Book Mini Workshop in February 2014 + Project Shots in January 2015.
I've also contributed to a number of scrapbooking classes including : Day by Day, Toolbox, Cutting Edge, Life Scripted with Kal Barteski, Sketchbook with Kelly Purkey, Digital Basics, Workspace with Marcy Penner, 25 Days with Stephanie Bryan and Inked | Color.

YOU CAN FIND ME here around the web :
Instagram : @nicolereaves
Twitter : @nicolereaves
Pinterest : nicolereaves
Studio Calico gallery : nicolereaves
Email : nicole.s.reavesATgmail.com

DISCLAIMER : Any links that I provide on my blog are to sites and products that I use and love, and I mention them because I think you might be interested in them too. If I am asked to review a product, with or without compensation, I will note that within the post, along with thoughts and opinions that are my own. Occasionally I use affiliate links for products I love enough to recommend to my readers. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I receive a small commission, which goes back into this blog and the projects I make and share here.

Thank you so much for reading!